Heidelberg Reformation

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            What does it mean to be Reformed?  Churches bear the name as a symbol of their heritage, but is there any connection to the theology of their forefathers?  This important question is being asked by the Heidelberg Reformation Association.  The HRA is committed to assisting Reformed churches of the Heidelberg tradition to rediscover, preserve and celebrate their Reformed convictions and heritage through mutual fellowship, worship, prayer, work, counsel, and teaching.  Our common statement of faith is the Heidelberg Catechism.
            Are you a church or minister who is committed to the theology of the Heidelberg Catechism?  Then we invite you to join with us in the work of retention and reclamation of Reformed theology in other churches of our tradition.
            Are you a church that is interested in learning about or regaining its theological identity?  We are here to assist you in that process.
            We would love to hear from you.